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Donations on the server store can take anywhere up to 30 minutes. Usually this isn't the case however if our donation servers are running slow this may vary. If you paid by e-cheque/e-check, it may take several days or more for the payments to clear.


  • We have the right to remove any of your perks, ranks or items.
  • Upon buying a product from the store please make sure you are in game to save issues with your purchase.
  • No refunds or charge backs. Charge backs will result in a permanent ban.
  • Rank transfers between account are not allowed. If you buy and item such as town claims you are allowed to have them transfered with your account.
  • Paypal is not only for paypal accounts. You can pay by card if you click the 'pay with a debit or credit card' option.


By purchasing from the server store you are agreeing to the following:

  • You will not charge back, dispute, or reverse payments
  • Abuse of permissions and ranks can result in removal of them.
  • You understand there are no refunds you can't be issued a refund
  • Failure to comply with any these Terms & Conditions will lead to a permanent ban from all of our services.


If any issues occur feel free to contact a member of staff on the forums or in game.


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